GDR3 update rumors for Windows Phone 8 reveals 'Quick Settings' feature

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Users around the world are still awaiting the GDR2 update to be available for their Windows Phones, but that’s the past. Now, we’re focusing on GDR3 and ‘Windows Phone Blue’ or ‘Windows Phone 8.1’. While GDR2 mainly focused on support for new hardware, we’re hoping GDR3 will bring new software based features. According to a new report, GDR3 will finally support quad-core chipsets and Full HD displays, features Windows Phone desperately needs.

GDR3 is scheduled to be announced in Q4 in 2013, before the holiday season, with Windows Phone Blue scheduled for Q1 in 2014. This update will coincide with the long-rumored Nokia 6-inch phablet called Bandit.

It has been rumored in the past that Windows Phone is set to receive a notification center, and it's possible that said feature will make an appearance in GDR3. Although, if not then expect it to make an appearance with Windows Phone 8.1. Other rumors have said that GDR3 will pack minor UI tweaks, a new Driving Mode option, and an orientation lock.

There is also new talk about separate volume control between apps and a feature called ‘Quick Settings’ which allows users to easily access basic settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location, and Data options. In terms of separate volume controls, users will still be able to select volume levels depending on what they are doing on their phone, such as volume levels in general, volume levels for their music player, for their games, and etc.

These are features have been long-awaited by Windows Phone users, it’s nice to know that Microsoft is listening. Of course, take what you read with a grain of salt as this information does come from unofficial sources.

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