Windows Phone Tango screenshots leak, reveals new features and restrictions

New screenshots have leaked onto the web today revealing new limitations and improvements to the operating system. Some of the basic changes is that Tango will automatically download and install updates via Zune, and will support many new countries, as well as many more improvements. has leaked images of what appears to be Windows Phone Tango today. The images leaked reveal new features, improvements and changes to the operating system. Basic changes include automatic app updates via Zune, new country support, and the increase of pre-installed apps from 16 to 40.

Some of the new features introduced with the updated OS include exporting and managing contacts directly to the SIM. Roaming will also allow 3 new options, which are ‘no’, ‘domestic’ and ‘international’. The update will also allow users to make more than 1 attachment to one MMS message, which include sound, video and pictures.

WP7Forum also talk about the 256MB issue. These low end devices will not be able to install some applications, and will include some more restrictions such as live tiles not updating automatically.

Some more restrictions include podcasts not being manageable via the device, and that video streams lower than 4MBs and encoding of H.264 v2 will be supported. The devices will only be allowed to ship with a 3 or more megapixel camera, and photos will not be uploaded to SkyDrive automatically.

Remember to take these screenshots with a grain of salt, since they may not be real.

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