Windows Phone and Bing suite of apps for Windows 8.1 receive new updates

Bing suite of app

Earlier today, Microsoft updated a bunch of its apps for Windows 8.1, including the entire Bing suite as well as the Windows Phone sync app. Bing has several apps listed in the Windows 8 Store, including Weather, Travel, Finance, Food & Drink, Health and Fitness, Bing News, and Sports. 

Similar to the previous update, Microsoft didn’t provide a change log, but we’re assuming it comes with the usual bug fixes improve the overall experience of the app. We’ve reached out to Microsoft for comment to find out what’s new in the latest update for the Bing apps. We’ll update this post as soon we get a response, but until then, you may want to head over to the Windows Store, and update the apps.

It’s not just the Bing Suite, Windows Phone desktop app for Windows 8.1 also received an update, with a pretty interesting change log. The change log mentions, “Windows Phone app now supports the latest version of Windows Phone.” Now, I don’t think there should be any surprises here, but we’re assuming its the Windows Phone 8.1 support.

Build will kick off tomorrow in San Francisco where Microsoft is expected to unveil the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 operating system, so it’s not surprising to see the desktop sync app getting an update. Head over to the Windows Store and grab the updates.

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