Windows Phone Store to have new Collections feature, personalized app picks, and now more family-friendly

With the recent launch of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has revamped the Windows Phone Store to feature some cool new exciting stuff. Microsoft is introducing a new Collections feature, personalized app picks, and a new family-friendly feature.

The new Collections feature consists of six or more apps organized around a theme and handpicked by a “team of experts” at Microsoft. Microsoft plans on updating these Collections regularly. The Windows Phone Store will also have personalized app picks. “For example, the Store on Windows Phone 8 handsets in some markets offer a new list called Picks For You. Powered by Bing, this shows personalized app recommendations based on things like what you’ve downloaded in the past, what your Facebook friends downloaded, and what apps are typically get downloaded together. The list also surfaces popular regional apps,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. There’s a new feature called “My Family” that lets you decide when or if your kids can purchase apps and which game ratings to abide by. On top of that, we learned about Kids Corner during the Windows Phone 8 launch keynote, which consists of a kid’s own play area on a parents Windows Phone, which has selected apps, games, videos, and music. Thusfar, the Windows Phone Store has 120,000 apps and games and is available in 50 languages and in 191 countries around the world.

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