Windows Phone Store now has over 300,000 apps, hundreds of apps added every day

Windows Phone

Recently, Microsoft updated their "Microsoft By The Numbers" page revealing some interesting information about the performance of various services. According to the data, the Windows Phone Store has surpassed 300,000 apps, with hundreds of apps being added on a daily basis.

Back in December, the company reported that they've managed to cross the 200,000 apps milestone. With 100,000 more apps, it seems the app gap between Windows Phone and other platforms is slowly decreasing.

In the past few months, we've seen many popular developers jump on the Windows Phone bandwagon, which is obviously a good thing since one of the main reasons why people hesitate to switch from iOS and Android is due to the low number of apps.  As for the features, Windows Phone 8.1 managed to bring along some of much needed ones to the OS. It's not just the new apps, developers have started to upgrade their apps more often, similar to what they do with Android and iOS.

Things appear to be on the right track, and we may see Windows Phone gaining some market share in several global markets since it's not just the developers, many OEMs have also released budget-friendly Windows Phone devices. Some popular manufacturers like HTC and Samsung are also rumored to launch high-end Windows Phone devices, which means we finally get to see some competition in this arena dominated by Nokia -- now a part of Microsoft.

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