Windows Phone Store app highlights: Gestulator, The Sound Recorder, Wallpaper Patterns, The Verge and more

Windows Phone Store app highlights: Gestulator, The Sound Recorder, Wallpaper Patterns, SmogonWP, Aerize Optimizer, The Verge

We’ve got quite a few Windows Phone app highlights for you this weekend. This post is part of a weekly series where we highlight apps in the Windows Phone Store, submitted to us by app developers. What better way to say thanks to the app developers for making the platform better by highlighting their apps for all to see?

Let’s start off with Gestulator. “Gestulator is a simple and clean Gesture based Calculator. Use the number pad to enter values, Swipes for arithmetic & memory operations, and other Gestures to clear, remove, and copy values,” the app description reads.

Gestulator is a simple and free app for Windows Phone 8. As the app description states, you can use the number pad to enter values and utilize the swipe gesture to perform certain actions. Check out the app and let us know how you like it!

The Sound Recorder – this app is a free app that does a simple task. “The Sound Recorder app helps you record, store and share voices from your device’s microphone,” the app description reads. If you are looking for a free app to quickly record and share audio recordings, this app is an absolute must-have.

Wallpaper Patterns – this free app, which features one advertisement at the bottom, allows you to browse through endless variety of patterns which you can set as your wallpaper or lock screen. You can even save a list of favorite patterns or share patterns with your friends.

“Download thousands of beautiful patterns for your lock screen or wallpaper from COLOURlovers community. The app is meticulously designed to look great on Windows Phone. Many new patterns are added every day. More features coming soon. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your suggestions,” the app description reads.

SmogonWP – this free app is an absolutely must-have for Pokemon lovers. Consider it your go-to encyclopedia for all things Pokemon. “SmogonWP is a competitive Pokemon info app. Get detailed information on all of your favorite Pokemon, moves, abilities, items and more and learn how to craft the best team possible, all packaged into a sleek and organized application,” the app description reads. This app has a great interface and comes packed with Pokemon information.

Aerize Optimizer​ – this free app monitors your system memory and resource usage and offers you options to save resources. “Get peak performance from your device with this advanced memory cleaner and performance optimizer. Built with proven and tested optimization techniques from the most effective and best selling system optimizer for BlackBerry, Aerize Optimizer will ensure optimum device performance,” the app description reads.

Finally, we have The Verge, which is a free app that compliments the news giant’s website. “Elegant app to read news, reviews, forums, and comments from The Verge on your Windows Phone. Also includes video player to watch videos without ever leaving the app,” the app description reads.

Developed by our friend, Anand Prakash, this app is an absolute beauty – regardless of how you feel about the site’s content. The developer really paid attention to detail and designed the app to look amazing and perform well. Windows Phone app developers take note – this is how you design an app! Check it out and let us know what you think about it!

Hit the download links below to snag the apps. We welcome your feedback in the comments below!

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