Windows Phone roadmap gives us a glimpse into the future, “Superphones” on the way?

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A leaked Windows Phone roadmap give us details on what we can expect in 2012 on the newest versions of Windows Phone, codenamed “Tango” and “Apollo” and more details on LTE phones which will be unveiled at CES 2012.

A leaked Windows Phone roadmap leaked by WMPowerUser, dated October 2011, gives us information on what we should expect next year as the next version(s) of Windows Phone are to be released.

The roadmap starts by showing that Windows Phone 7 was a “high end, differentiated product” while Mango followed “with new features, languages, and countries.” Then, it continues on with the codenames of two proposed Windows Phone versions. “Tango” and “Apollo”. Tango will concentrate on enabling the use of Windows Phone 7 on “low-end handsets for the best prices” and will be released sometime in Q2 2012. Things take a huge turn when it comes to “Apollo”, the next big release.

Microsoft expects sales to increase during its progression of releases, so this is where “Apollo” comes in. It will be made for “high-end super phones and finally address the needs of business.” It seems that Microsoft, not only wants people to use their phones socially, but also for business purposes too, making the use of a smartphone necessary for everyday life.

On Paul Thurrott’s WinSuperSite, he gives us a broader view on Microsoft’s plans for LTE superphones expected to run the new the Windows Phone OS. Using AT&T, all of these phones are expected to arrive at the half-year. The phones will “officially be revealed at the CES in Las Vegas” and will include the Nokia ACE, the HTC Radient, and the Samsung Mendel. The ACE “is due March 18, 2012.” It is not known when we will see an LTE phone on Verizon.

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