Windows Phone Recovery Tool renamed to Windows Device Recovery Tool -
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Windows Phone Recovery Tool renamed to Windows Device Recovery Tool

For people who have needed to restore, backup, or otherwise fix the software of their Windows Phone, the Windows Phone Recovery Tool has long been the program necessary to do so. The tool has had some recent updates, but the mandatory patch that went into the program today is possibly the most substantial yet, completely changing the branding around the tool.
The new update, bringing the tool to version 3.0.1, comes with bug fixes and general improvements. Improvements include a brand new support page and some additions to accessibility in the tool. The most notable change, however, comes to the tool's name in lieu of its current functionality. With the 3.0.1 update, the Windows Phone Recovery Tool has been renamed to the Windows Device Recovery Tool.
This change on its own may not mean much, but it may have some implications looking towards the future. It seems unlikely Microsoft would change the name of this tool for pure semantics. With the October event just around the bend, anything is possible. Could we see some integration with Surface to programs that used to be just for Windows phones? Could this be a precursor to the Surface phone? Only time will tell.

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