Windows Phone Recovery Tool gets a bug fix update

Kip Kniskern

Windows Phone Recovery Tool

We’ve all done it, played around with our devices with new betas and new updates, only to find out that they’re just too buggy, or worse, that they’ve rendered our stuff unusable.  For Windows Phone users, especially including ones who were brave / dumb enough to install a Windows 10 Mobile beta build on their phones, the Windows Phone Recovery Tool is invaluable.

First developed at Nokia for Lumia phones, the Recovery Tool was recently updated to also work with HTC Windows Phones, although there have been some reports of problems in recovering HTC devices using the tool. This latest update unfortunately doesn’t address the problems with HTC, but instead concentrates on Lumia devices:

** 2.1.0 **
– SW recovery improvements for Lumia Phones that are not detected.
– Bug fixes
** 2.0.3 **
– Support for HTC One Windows Phones.

If you just can’t stand the bugginess that is Windows 10 Mobile build 10080, or need to recover your phone for some other reason, you can download the latest Windows Phone Recovery Tool, and read up on how to use it on Microsoft’s Mobile support page.

Thanks for the tip, @SanketRJDave!