Windows Phone OTA update size limit to increase to 100MB

Windows phone ota update size limit to increase to 100mb

At the moment there is a 50MB limit on the size of OTA (over the air) updates to Windows Phone apps. This limit applies when you are updating over a data connection, and if you need to download a larger update you'll need to do so when you find yourself in range of a wifi connection. But all that looks as though it could be about to change.

Windows Phone users in some parts of the world are reporting that the update limit has been increased to 100MB. This is certainly not something that is happening global at the moment, but users in Brazil have noticed the increase.

Microsoft has not, as yet, released a statement about any possible increase, but we have contacted them for confirmation. As soon as we hear anything, this post will be updated accordingly.

If the update size boost does happen, it will be entirely understandable. Many mobile providers are becoming more and more generous with data tariffs, and the spread of LTE connections means that the prospect of downloading a 100MB update is not necessarily the lengthy process it used to be.

As time goes by, apps are becoming larger as well so the need for larger updates is there. It may not be the norm, but many games, navigation apps and more can be measured in scores of megabytes.

Have you noticed that you're able to download larger updates via a data connection? Let us know in the comments below -- and don’t forget to say where you are in the world!

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