Windows Phone is number one in security compared to Android and iOS

Windows Phone

Do you remember the hype that everyone had when Blackberry first came out? Everyone was so into the BlackBerry devices because of many different reasons, but some only bought it because of its tight security. Many governments around the world used Blackberry for government operations, but now people have moved on and used other devices.

We've now learned from a recent report stating that around 80% malware is targeted against Android, due to the platform being open-source. The iPhone results in 0.7% and Windows Phone only having 0.3% of malware. Windows Phone is the safest mobile operating system in the world right now and we have Microsoft explaining how Windows Phone guards against malware.

According to Michael Stroh from the Window’s blog, he stated that these are the steps they take to ensure maximum security for its customers: 1) The Windows Phone Store is the exclusive consumer source of Windows Phone apps. This helps ensure the quality of the apps that show up in our Store, and on your phones. 2) Every app is tested and certified by Microsoft so you can feel confident when you download one from the Windows Phone Store. We review every app that developers submit for potential malware and performance issues. 3) No system is perfect, but if we discover a malicious app, we remove it.

Now, we all know that Android has a large amount of users compared to Windows Phone, with Android being the number one as most-used mobile operating system, but that means that Windows Phone has the upper hand in getting government officials to use their devices for their operations. Or at the very least, we now know that Windows Phone is indeed a mobile operating system that is secure.

Just in case you have suspected an app spreading malware, be sure to report the app on the app listing page so Microsoft can do what is required to remove it.

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