MetroTube app for Windows Phone adds support for YouTube API v3

Brad Stephenson

Windows Phone MetroTube app adds support for YouTube API v3

The popular Windows Phone YouTube client, MetroTube, has just received an update that gives support for YouTube API v3. While no new features have been added to the app itself, the added support for YouTube API v3 opens the door for further integration of YouTube features in the future such as improved search results, video upload, playlist creation, and even video upload and content creation.

MetroTube continues to improve and was recently updated with continuous playback support for playlists, a much requested audio mode, improved video age restrictions, and further live tile customization.

With the official Windows Phone YouTube app essentially being a link to the YouTube mobile website, MetroTube is positioning itself to be a major player on the Windows Phone ecosystem, especially since it made its free version fully-featured.

Do you use MetroTube or do you stick to the basic YouTube mobile site? Perhaps you use another app altogether? Let us know in the comments!