Windows Phone Marketplace now has more than 40,000 submitted apps

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Nov 19th, 2011 inNews

Microsoft has revealed that its Windows Phone Marketplace now has more than 40,000 submitted apps. Growing at a decent rate, the Windows Phone Marketplace has ways to go before it surpasses Google’s 500,000 submitted apps or Apple’s 600,000 apps.

The Windows Phone Marketplace is growing at a rapid rate with now having over 40,000 submitted apps in the Marketplace, in just a year since its debut.

Keep in mind that this total reflects all submitted apps to the Marketplace, not counting the estimated 5,000 apps that are no longer available to consumers due to Microsoft pulling the plug on those specific apps.

“Content is being added at the rate of 165 items per day. In the last 30 days, 85% of submissions were apps and 15% were games; 68% were free, 23% were paid and 9% were paid with free trial,” Rafe Blandford states in a blog post.

Microsoft believes that the Windows Phone Marketplace will reach the 50,000 app mark in the second or third week of January.

According to stats from last month, Apple’s App store is still in the lead with over 600,000 apps available and Google in second place with over 500,000 apps.

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