Windows Phone market share remains stagnant towards the end of 2016, says NetMarketShare

Jack Wilkinson


Windows Phone, with Windows 10 Mobile in particular, has seen a rocky year. At times, it seemed like the unpopular operating system was on the rise, and at others, seemed like it was about to fall flat on its face. Unfortunately, the final month of 2016 didn’t paint a brighter picture for fans of Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

Overall, Windows Phone’s market share remained stagnant, at 1.76% market share, up 0.01% from 1.75% in November. When taking into account margin of error, market share is more likely to have fallen.

NetMarketShare Mobile December 2016
Mobile operating system market share for 2016 – click to enlarge

Additionally, market share of Windows 10 Mobile declined by 0.01% from 0.40% to 0.39%.

NetMarketShare Windows10Mobile 2016
Windows 10 Mobile market share for 2016 – click to enlarge

Despite Windows 10 Mobile holding 1.13% market share in June 2016, it has dropped dramatically ever since then, until its final dwindle of 2016 to 0.39%.

So, while the end of 2016 hasn’t painted a pretty picture, who knows what 2017 could hold? Microsoft may have an answer up its sleeve.