Windows Phone Mango To Support Custom Ringtones

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Jun 29th, 2011 inNews

As we already know by now, Windows Phone 7 is expecting an update, codenamed Mango, that is set to bring the operating system tons of new features. One of the new features is the ability to create custom ringtones.

Alice Luu, Program Manager for the “sound experience” on Windows Phone, has recently announced this on the official Windows Phone team blog by saying that a custom ringtone on Windows Phone Mango can be any DRM-free MP3 or WMA file that’s smaller than 1MB, and shorter than 39 seconds. Users can install custom ringtones via the Zune software on their PC.

“In short, custom ringtones can be installed using the Zune software on your PC. Once you’ve created an audio file that meets the ringtone requirements, find it in your Zune music collection, right-click the file, and change the Genre field to Ringtone. Then just sync the file to your phone like you would any music track,” said Luu.

Not only are we getting the option to create custom ringtones in Mango, but we will also have a set of nine new native Microsoft ringtones to choose from.

Windows Phone users have been asking for this feature since the platform was introduced. We are expecting to see Mango this fall. The Mango beta is currently available to developers via

Just recently we learned the details of the new Mango update. Mango will feature an updated user interface with the intentions of “making it easier for the user to launch, to search, to find, to buy and to install” apps. The update will also feature a 25% improvement in memory efficiency and support for deep links into application content. We will also see a feature called Live Agents as well as better multitasking. IE9 will also be making an appearance in the update.

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