Windows Phone Mango Beta Available to Developers

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Jun 29th, 2011 inNews

Recently, reports indicated that Microsoft planned on making the new update for Windows Phone, codenamed Mango, available to all Windows Phone developers. Today, Microsoft has made available to developers a beta version of Mango.

According to ZDNet, Microsoft has also made a new beta version of its Windows Phone Developer tools. It is known as the Windows Phone SDK (software development kit) and is currently in beta 2¬†according to the download page. Developers can use this SDK to develop applications for both the currently shipping “NoDo” Windows Phone operating system build and the Mango update.

The Mango beta is available via and developers must has a validated App Hub account to flash the beta onto their retail phones. Developers are allowed to flash Mango onto only one phone per developer. Developers need to download the Beta 2 of the SDK before obtaining the operating system update.

Just recently we learned the details of this new update. ‘Mango’ will feature an updated user interface with the intentions of “making it easier for the user to launch, to search, to find, to buy and to install” apps. The update will also feature a 25% improvement in memory efficiency and support for deep links into application content. We will also see a feature called Live Agents as well as better multitasking. IE9 will also be making an appearance in the update.

Download the Windows Phone SDK | Mango Beta (Must be a registered developer)

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