Windows Phone makes slight gain in market share, climbs to 1.21% as of May 2013

Windows Phone

NetApplications has published their market share data for the month of May 2013, so lets take a look at how well Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has fared in the United States. When compared to the month of April 2013, Windows Phone has gone up by 0.07% in market share.

While Windows Phone has climbed by 0.07% in market share as of May 2013, keep in mind that Windows Phone had apparently dropped in market share by 0.36% the previous month, placing Microsoft’s mobile operating system at 1.14% for the month of April 2013.

Apple’s iOS platform held a market share of 59.49%, up slightly compared to the previous month’s 59.04% share. Google’s Android platform held a market share of 24.40%, compared to 26.02% the previous month. BlackBerry continues to climb in market share and held a share of 1.64%, up by 1.51% the previous month.

Windows Phone is still behind Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, and BlackBerry in terms of market share. BlackBerry has once again come out on top of Windows Phone in the United States, at least according to data from NetApplications.

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