Windows phone-like system wide dark theme coming with Windows 10 Anniversary update

Kareem Anderson

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Microsoft continues to merge its previously apportioned platforms as it promotes Windows 10 as a single core operating system that conforms to the various devices users owns. The result of Microsoft’s platform merging is an arguable benefit for anyone using Windows 10 as previously platform specific features are now getting infused into an entire single operating system.

A new rumor suggest the latest “borrowed” feature that will be implemented into Windows 10 comes from the arguably defunct Windows Phone platform, as a system-wide Dark Theme planned for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update release to users.

Unlike changing the color theme to Windows 10 through the current Settings Menu or going through each app to apply a Dark Theme, the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update Dark Theme will be used similarly to how current Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile devices implement the feature.

Interestingly enough, the Dark Theme settings have been housed in Windows 10 since before its release to the public last July, but could only be accessed through a somewhat sophisticated registry hack. Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update will seem to make the Dark Theme feature more accessible to the average user later this year.

Presumably, users will be able to apply the Dark Theme to their Windows 10 device with a single selection in the Settings Menu that in turn changes the color scheme of apps, settings menus and other related software throughout the operating system to a dark/black theme.

During Build 2016, Microsoft pointed to a slew of upcoming features to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and it seems safe to assume that the company will take time and effort to explain these features in more detail leading up to its release.