Windows Phone apps 'JobLens' and 'Internship Lens' shut down

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Windows Phone JobLens and Internship Lens apps shut down

The two Windows Phone apps, JobLens and Internship Lens, are being removed from the Windows Phone app store on the first of June. Both apps used augmented reality to display job openings and internships either within a map app or using their smartphone’s camera.

No reason has been given for the two Nokia developed apps’ terminations. A possible reason could be for branding purposes. Both apps’ names bare similarities to Microsoft’s new HoloLens and the tech giant may be concerned about potential consumer confusion over which device these apps were designed for with the upcoming rollout of the unified Windows Store.

Another reason could be that they simply weren’t being used. Augmented reality can be fun in games and presentations but when searching for a job, most people prefer to sit down and compare salaries, benefits, and company reputation while preparing cover letters and references. It’s not really a task that screams “Let’s incorporate augmented reality!”

What do you think the future holds for JobLens and Internship Lens? Think we’ll see them again in some form?

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