Windows Phone Jan 2013 market share data: Still behind Android, iOS, and BlackBerry

Mobile Data Jan 2013

According to new data for the month of January 2013, Microsoft's Windows Phone platform is still behind Android, Apple, and BlackBerry, but has seen an increase in market share by .10% compared to December 2012. Apple's iOS continues to reign supreme while Android continues to be the second most popular mobile operating system.

Apple's iOS mobile operating system currently holds an impressive 60.56% market share, while Google's Android operating system holds a 24.51% market share. This isn't good news for Microsoft or BlackBerry who are trying their hardest to make an impact in the mobile marketspace. Apple's iOS actually increased in market share by .43% compared to the previous month while Google's Android dropped in market share by .9%. Microsoft's Windows Phone platform holds a 1.15% share, up from last months 1.05% share. BlackBerry holds a 1.64% share as of January 2013, which is up from 1.59% from the previous month. Java ME has dropped down in market share to 9.32%, compared to 10.18% from the previous month.

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