Windows Phone GDR3 update may include improved multitasking and new Driver Mode

Windows Phone 8

A recent post on Reddit has spilled the beans on what may be included in the Windows Phone GDR3 update releasing later this year for current and future Windows Phone handsets. The post claims that some features from Windows Phone 8.1 will be backported to GDR3 such as Orientation Lock, more so, it appears we may be getting an improved multitasker, silent NFC, and more.

The Reddit post claims that there is an 80% chance that GDR3 will include an improved multitasker, allowing the user to close apps directly from the multitasking view. This feature was originally intended for Windows Phone 8.1, but it’s possible for Microsoft to be backporting more features from Windows Phone 8.1.

What we definitely know is coming to GDR3 is Orientation Lock, Driver Mode, and 1080p support which will allow for 3 medium sized tile on the same row. Driver Mode will allow the user to reject phone calls and reply to SMS when connected to bluetooth, we assume all hands free.

The post also claims that there is a 60% chance that we will see Silent NFC on GDR3, which pretty much removes the constant notification when tapping your phone against an NFC tag.

Of course, read everything above with a grain of salt as the Reddit post doesn’t have a source, however other sources have claimed similar things in the past. GDR3 is set to hit new 1080p handsets first before being pushed to current devices later this year.

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