Windows Phone GDR3 screenshot leaks, gives us a close up on the new Start Screen

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Nokia Bandit and Nokia Lumia 920

We recently heard rumors regarding a device called the Nokia Bandit, a rather large 6-inch phone running Windows Phone 8. We understand that the device will run GDR3, which introduces improvements to the Start Screen. Improvements include more tile rows on the Start Screen to accommodate the larger screen and resolution.

The screenshot is our first proper look at what we can expect to see in GDR3. Having more tile rows looks much more productive than the current two row Start Screen. GDR3 will be available on current, smaller devices too, but will not take advantage of more tile rows because it doesn’t need to.

Other devices that run at 1920×1080 will use more rows, which makes sense. The Nokia Bandit is rumored to be the first in a number of Windows Phone devices to support a larger, 1920x1080p screen. The device is also rumored to be announced later this month, along with a Windows RT tablet with a 1920x1080p display.

Windows Phone GDR3

Click here for a higher-res screenshot.

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