Windows Phone gains platform exclusive game LINE CubeHeroes

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LINE CubeHeroes

It’s always a pleasant surprise to see an exclusive game or app come to the Windows Phone Store. All too often, Windows Phone users have had to wait months or years for apps and games to reach the platform. However, Windows Phone users are gaining an exclusive game in the Windows Phone Store called LINE CubeHeroes.
LINE CubeHeroes gameplay centers around a players friends being kidnapped by galaxy invaders and it’s their mission to rescue them. By solving cube-twisting puzzles and picking up diamonds in the process, the player becomes the hero of the day. The process of cube-twisting involves turning cubes either vertically or horizontally to match three cubes together. Players can choose from two modes of gameplay; Stage Mode and Battle Mode where the latter mode involves the player completing Stage missions to earn points. LINE also incorporates Facebook accounts so players can play it with their friends. LINE CubeHeroes looks like a fun game, and if you like puzzles, it’s certainly worth installing.
If Microsoft is going to gain any success in the phone market, they need to find more ways to land exclusives like. We’re seeing more often app stores are currently the place where markets are won or lost.

LINE CubeHeroes
LINE CubeHeroes
Developer: LINE Corporation
Price: Free