What in the World?: Another Xbox Live-enabled game from Game Troopers

Email Twitter: @MindHead1 Apr 15th, 2015 inNews

Image Credit: Windows Phone Store

It’s not always rainy clouds and depressing news in the world of Windows Phone. Game Troopers, the company, specializing in porting games to the Windows Phone platform, has delivered yet another game.

Today, Windows Phone game enthusiasts can now download “What In the World?” The new game is an amalgamation of quiz style gameplay ranging from picture puzzles to word searches. What makes the Game Trooper ports unique are their tie-ins to Xbox Live achievements. Players can now track their progress and the progress of others via Xbox Live.

What in the World now joins casual time passers as Make it Rain: The Love of Money and Tiny Troopers in the Game Troopers loft. While Game Troopers are delivering the AAA blockbuster game some WP gamers are demanding, Game Trooper games do maintain a healthy 4 ½ stars a piece in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks again Jose for the tip!

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