Windows Phone gained 700K new users in the UK in just one year, 30% ditched Android or iPhone

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According to new data from Kantar, the Windows Phone platform is becoming more popular in Great Britain, with an increase by 240% in just the past year. In fact, 700,000 users in Great Britain jumped to Windows Phone after previously using an Android phone or Apple iPhone.

"New smartphone sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech shows Windows gaining popularity with consumers, growing its user base in Great Britain by almost 700,000 in the past year – an increase of 240%. In the three months to January 2013* Windows’ share of the smartphone market has grown to over 6% in Great Britain, up from 2.4% the previous year, and 14.0% in Italy," Kantar stated on their website. It appears that Windows Phone is growing in popularity and selling in significant quantities, but Apple's iOS and Google's Android continue to account for the majority of sales, with a 30.6% and 56.2% share, respectively.

Kantar poses a great question as to who is exactly losing out. In Great Britan, 17% of new Windows Phone customers had switched from Android, while 26% switched from Symbian, 6% switched from BlackBerry, and 2% switched from Apple's iOS. 47% of new Windows Phone users were first time smartphone buyers. Microsoft needs to pinpoint exactly whats going on here to create the right marketing and sales strategy to achieve even more sales. Microsoft can be proud that nearly 30% of new Windows Phone users had jumped ship from a rival company in the past year, at least in Great Britain.

Windows Phone gained 700,000 new users in Great Britain in just one year, 30% ditched Android or iPhone

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