Windows Phone Dialler app possibly prepping for other devices -
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Windows Phone Dialler app possibly prepping for other devices

Perhaps, adding more credence to the idea that somewhere deep in the bowls of Microsoft's Redmond campus there a secret Frankenstein team is hard at work on a hybrid smartphone-tablet, the company's Windows software team is bringing its Windows phone dialer to the platform.

In the latest release of Windows 10 RS5 and 19H1 WindowsBlogItalia discovered that the phone dialer app has been bestowed with some updated functionality.

Prior to last week's Insider release, the dialer was more a proof of concept, however, now that  the app can integrate with the Windows 10 address/contacts app allowing users to search via the keypad for contact in a similar fashion as they could have on a smartphone.

There are no current indications that the app can actually make phone calls even on eSim enabled PCs.

However, with its presence on the latest Windows 10 Insider previews, its about as clear a single that the Windows team is working towards integrating that smartphone technology into the desktop platform.

As always, we'll be keeping an eye on the development and try to keep our readers abreast of any changes.

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