Windows Phone Dev Center updated, lets you cancel submissions and rotate/resize images

Windows Phone

For all you Windows Phone app developers out there, Microsoft is listening to your feedback! Microsoft has announced that the Windows Phone Dev Center has been updated and now allows developers to cancel app submissions, as well as rotate and resize app screenshots.

“Previously, after you clicked the Submit button on an app submission in Dev Center, you couldn’t edit it again until it had finished processing. After clicking the button, if you realized that something needed to be changed or there was one more bug that you needed to fix, you’d have to wait until the app submission completed before you could address it,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Now, instead of having to wait until the app submission is completed, developers can simply cancel an app submission, make changes, and then submit the app again. Developers will see a confirmation when they hit cancel.

Developers can now rotate app screenshots as well as the ability to automatically resize screenshots. For example, a developer can simply upload only screenshots with the highest resolutions and the Dev Center will automatically create the lower-resolution images for you!

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