Windows Phone business hub, teaches you about business-related Windows Phone 8 features

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Microsoft has introduced the Windows Phone business hub, which is a portal for consumers and businesses to learn about business-related Windows Phone 8 features, such as integration with Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, as well as offer white papers on various topics.

“You know that Windows Phone 8 is great at keeping you connected in your personal life, but did you know that Windows Phone 8 is also great for work? I’d like to introduce you to the Windows Phone business hub at It’s your one-stop shop for finding out about business-related phone features like hardware-accelerated device encryption for robust security, or built-in Office Mobile apps like Outlook,” Microsoft’s Robert Hoover stated in an official blog post. The business hub also showcases how Windows Phone 8 has a tight integration with Office Server products such as Exchange, Office 365, and SharePoint, including the ability to provide security and manage devices, as well as create and distribute line-of-business apps and Company Hubs. Hit the source link to learn more about the business hub.

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