Windows Phone browser, Surfy, updates with new UI and redesigned tabs

Windows Phone browser, Surfy, updates with new UI and redesigned tabs

In a press release sent to WinBeta, Outcoder has revealed that Surfy has just received a major update which brings a fresh UI and several new features to their popular tabbed browser for Windows Phones.

Among the updates are an improved download system which now enables unlimited background downloading and the ability for users to pause and resume downloads from the downloads screen in the hub as well as larger tabs for increased usability.

The updated tabs also include several features that have been moved from the application bar and the ability to toggle between desktop mode and enable speed mode which promises to decrease bandwidth usage by up to 80%. Here’s the full list of new features in version 5.14 of Surfy:

  • New larger, easier to use, tabs.
  • Improved background downloading with Pause and Resume.
  • Tabs are hidden with a drag-up gesture.
  • Tabs are also automatically hidden after a short period and can be revealed using a drag-down gesture.
  • Drop-down tab menu. Tabs are also closed with a double tap.
  • Virtualization improvements for high-memory devices.
  • Fixed back navigation issue.
  • Fixed context menu being shown off-screen occasionally.
  • New Logo and Iconography.
  • Numerous other enhancements and bug fixes.

Do you use Surfy on your Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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