Windows Phone apps Viber, MyTube and MetroTube receive minor updates today

Windows Phone apps Viber, MyTube and MetroTube receive minor updates today

Usually when I see that there is an update for an app on my phone, I rush to the store in anticipation. I’m typically excited about the possibility of new features being added or changes in the UX or UI design being applied. However, when I used to see an update roll out and it only contains bug fixes, I was less than enthused and would hit the update button dejectedly. Now, with a little bit of age and patience on my side, I welcome bug updates just as much as features or changes. They’re a sign of constant work, and in the Windows Phone market, that’s something sorely needed.

Today, communication app Viber and 3rd party YouTube apps, MyTube and MetroTube are rolling out some relatively small updates targeted mainly at bug fixing.

MyTube is rolling out a few new additions along with some bug fixes in their update:

  • Ability to reply to comments (the app may prompt you to re-sign back into your account just once)
  • Ability to view more than five replies in a comment thread
  • Fixes playlist autoplay issue with background audio

Image Credit: MetroTube

MetroTube’s new update includes:

  • New fix for login bug
  • General minor bug fixes

Viber’s 4.5.1 update is logged as ‘bug fixes’ as well.

Again, we see bug fixes and steady small updates, are just as important as big overhaul changes. The more updates, the better.

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