Windows Phone app highlights: Notetastic, taxilocator, Guess The Password, iHoroscope, and WP Adsense

Windows Phone app highlights: Notetastic, taxilocator, Guess The Password, iHoroscope, and WP Adsense

Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform may be in third place behind Android and iOS, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t seeing a plethora of new apps being created and added to the Windows Phone store on a daily basis. In today’s Windows Phone app highlight post, we are going to showcase five cool apps, submitted to us by app developers. Give it a try – you just might like it!

Notetastic – “Notetastic is a simple and elegant note-taking application for Windows Phone. With Notetastic you can quickly and easily jot down what you need, send it to yourself or your friends through a text or email, or save it to SkyDrive for later retrieval.”

This free app was designed to be easy to use and simple, allowing you to quickly take notes on your Windows Phone device. This app is especially useful when you need to quickly jot down something and you do not have access to a pen and paper. The app also features voice recognition, so you can easily take notes using your voice!

taxilocator – “A Windows Phone 8 application is designed especially for the tourists. taxilocator was created with an aim to simplify booking a cab while you’re traveling. Since it is difficult to find cabs on the go in new countries, the developers at taxilocator decided to compile the information in the form of an easily usable application.”

This free app targets twelve countries and features the ability to easily contact a taxi service. You can find your local taxi service and have them at your door stop within minutes. Currently the app supports over 51 different cities, with more cities being added in future updates.

Guess The Password – “Have you got that detective kind mind to solve the twists…? If you are thinking of this then don’t have to think it anymore, just get Guess The Password on your windows. And in no time you will be different kind of twisted riddle challenges to test your skill of detective mind which will be in the form of passwords. See up your mind power and get coins and increase up your score.”

This free app features 25 different levels of guessing fun. This app is great for all ages and is beautifully designed. Get ready to use your brain in this app!

iHoroscope – “One of the best rated Horoscope App in the Windows Phone Store. 100+ reviews with 4 stars in the Indian Store.”

Love checking out your daily horoscopes? You will love iHoroscope. This free app features the ability to pin your sign to your home screen to quick access to your horoscope, as well as the ability to read your horoscope out loud via text to speech.

WP Adsense – “WP Adsense is a windows phone Adsense Dashboard. Using which you can view your Daily , Yesterday and Current Month Adsense Earnings along with its Click Through Rate, RPM , Cost Per Click and Page Views.”

This app is self explanatory. If you have a Google Adsense account and need a third-party app to monitor your advertising earnings, check out this free app. This app comes packed with features and is expected to feature a live tile in a future update.

Have a Windows Phone app you would like us to highlight? Hit the contact button above and let us know!

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