Windows Phone app highlights: Dot Defense, myMoney, and myTrekData

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Windows Phone app highlights: Dot Defense, myMoney, and myTrekData

In today's Windows Phone app highlight post, we are going to showcase three apps, sent to us by their respective app developers. If you are an app developer and wish to have your app showcased on our site, simply contact us and give us the details! Lets begin.

Dot Defense (free) - "Dot Defense is an endless tower defense game, where you build dots to shoot other dots in the face. Test the limits of your strategies and see how long you can last. And then tell your friends that you're better than them in this game (if you're not then just lie that you are)," the app description reads.

Dot Defense, pictured above, is a neat little app that was recently made available to the Windows Phone Store. Designed as a minimalist tower defense game, Dot Defense features three towers. A blue tower that slows down the enemy dots, a red tower that shoots exploding bullets, and a green tower that creates poison clouds. There are ten enemy dots per wave and each wave sees an increase of enemy health by 20%. You can also upgrade your towers so you can properly defend them.

This is Ivan Turbin's newest Windows Phone game, so grab it and make sure you leave him some feedback!

Windows Phone app highlights: Dot Defense, myMoney, and myTrekData

myMoney ($1.49) - "myMoney is your complete financial solution! It is your way to see all your finances in one place and from any place. Set a budget, track your expenses, be up to date while keeping the data private to your eyes only. The application has 15 days of Trial Period with full functionality. No in-app purchasing, and not gimmicks," the app description states.

If you are on the hunt for a personal financing app, then check out myMoney for Windows Phone. You can track your bank account balances, record and track all transactions, track your budget and spending habits, set bill reminders, see reports and pie charts of your financial accounts, send email or SMS reminders for bills, and much more. This app is your ultimate tool for personal financing on Windows Phone.

This app was recently updated to version, adding improvements and bug fixes. Thusfar, this app has 29 reviews, with an average review of five stars!

Windows Phone app highlights: Dot Defense, myMoney, and myTrekData

myTrekData ($1.99) - "myTrekData application allows users to specify a Trek/Route with geographical locations and measure distance, elevation, and other data between the locations, so they can prepare the best route for their physical and activity goals. As they are going through the activity, the users can track their location on the map. Two modes to trigger tracking are allowed: time and distance. User can select the tracking resolution. User can than share the tracking data with others," the app description reads.

If you are a fitness nut and love going for runs, jogs, or hikes, then you will absolutely love using this app. myTrekData for Windows Phone is a simple app that lets you set a location and measure distance and other geographical data. This app is relatively new and has 10 reviews, with the average review being five stars!

Hit the download links below to snag these apps. Make sure you leave them a review!

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