Windows Phone app Car Dash gets an update, brings FM radio support

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Windows Phone app Car Dash gets an update brings FM radio support

Today's smartphones are useful in a huge range of scenarios, but one tricky area of use is in the car. There are several apps which turn phones into driving companions, and one of those apps is Car Dash. The app serves to make using a phone while driving safer, simpler, and more helpful with big touch targets, shortcuts to apps navigation and contacts, and providing a speedometer and compass. Car Dash is a modern day Swiss Army Knife for making any Windows Phone more useful in the car. 

The FM radio feature in Car Dash

The app recently received a nice update which has brought FM radio streaming into its portfolio of tools. The FM radio begins as ad support, but in-app purchases can remove the ads for $.99. The FM radio uses a cord plugged into the headphone jack as the antenna to gain a signal much like the FM radio app which came with Windows Phone 8.1.  Overall the app is fast and responsive which is critically important when it comes to quickly pulling up navigation or music in the car.

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