Windows Phone Apollo set for mid-2012 launch?

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Oct 28th, 2011 inNews

Looks like the Nokia Executive Vice President for Location and Commerce, Michael Halbherr, has spilled the beans in regards to a time frame for the next version of Windows Phone, codename Apollo.

From what Halbherr stated during an interview at the Nokia World Expo in London, the next version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system will arrive by the middle of next year. The new operating system will be a “very different game” to the recent Mango update, at least that’s what Halbherr is saying.

With Microsoft already working on Windows Phone Tango (possibly an interm release between Mango and Apollo), Halbherr was quoted saying that he wants Apollo to offer NFC technology, a “positioning framework,” as well as better integration of Nokia’s Navteq maps for location-based services.

Windows Phone Apollo is also considered to be the smartphone iteration of Windows 8, which promises to unify Microsoft’s multi-platform offering.

Engadget did some research on the report and from what their Microsoft source is saying, Halbherr is offering an inaccurate timeframe. Looks like we will just have to wait and see.

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