Windows Phone 9 Preview coming in December with multi-window support and more? (rumor)

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A new report has surfaced today claiming that Windows Phone 9 (Threshold) will see a preview launch this December for developers and will include new features such as multi-window support for devices with a screen larger than 4.7 inches. This preview for Windows Phone 9 would arrive a couple months after the Windows Technical Preview for PC, which is also codenamed Threshold. Could both of these previews line up development wise?

Before we dive any deeper into this, we must stress that this information comes from an unidentified source. Here at WinBeta we are unable to confirm nor deny any of this information, so take everything you read here with caution. Now then, the report claims that Microsoft will release a preview of Windows Phone 9 for developers in December this year, and will outright launch the new version of Windows Phone in January. Of course, this doesn’t line up with Threshold development at all, and since Windows Phone and Windows RT are merging, we can assume it’s on the same development path as Windows Threshold on the PC, right?

Having a preview of Windows Phone 9 a couple months after Windows Threshold would make a lot of sense, but we’re not too sure whether Microsoft is ready to show off what’s new on the Windows Phone side of things, especially as Windows Phone 8.1 launched in April this year. The Windows Phone side of things includes the new Modern UI too, and if Microsoft do opt to talk about the Modern UI when they launch the Windows Technical Preview, then a preview of Windows Phone 9 launching soon after doesn’t seem too implausible.

Of course, Windows Phone 9 launching in January is kind of a long shot. We’re pretty confident that won’t be the case, but you never know.

What do you think? Does this seem plausible? Leave us your comments below.

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