New leaks show Windows Phone 8.1 in testing by Microsoft and Nokia

Windows Phone 8.1

It seems Nokia and Microsoft are getting closer to getting Windows Phone 8.1 or also called Windows Phone Blue, ready for consumers. Why do you ask? Well, according to Nawzil on Twitter, he reports sighting a Windows Phone 8.10.1xxxx.x firmware running on the FB Pages Manager app.

With all these firmware numbers increasing from version 8.10.12076.0 since WMPowerUser first reported it back in June, we’re now seeing version 8.10.12236. This just assures Windows Phone 8 users that Microsoft is working hard to get this software update released before 2014 Q1, like some other sites reported.

Windows Phone 8.1 is set to be a revolutionary update, just like Windows 8.1 for Windows 8. Windows Phone 8.1 does not have an official update log, but recent reports have been stating that we might be looking at a new Notification Center, app-list sorting, a voice assistant code-named “Cortana” and many other new features that still await us.

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