Windows Phone 8.1 SDK files and supporting docs leak to the web

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Feb 14th, 2014 inNews


Recently Microsoft released the SDK of Windows Phone 8.1 for select developers. A developer posted about its features on Reddit. Later the same day, we managed to get a hold of that SDK and get some more information on the build. Apparently, a genuine copy of that SDK build and supporting documents are now available on many file sharing websites.

The ISO file of the SDK takes around 2.36 GB of size, and from what we have heard, it works! We obviously will not provide the link, for legal reasons, but for those of you, especially developers who want it, a Google search should do the trick.

Windows Phone 8.1 brings along many awaited and enticing new features. Some of which include, the Universal app, new notification center, a new app for Podcast, and several improvements on the Internet Explorer, Live Tiles and more. You can take a look at our exclusive hands-on video with the build running in an emulator, embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

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