Windows Phone 8.1 running on over 5 percent of devices, Lumia 520 growth declining

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The time of the month has arrived when we take a look at the performance of Windows Phone devices. The folks at AdDuplex have released their monthly data report for May, showing the progress of the platform as well as the devices and manufacturers. Let's just start with the operating system market share. In case you can't recall, Windows Phone 8.1 managed to snag a 3.1 percent market share in the last report, a number which rose to 5.2 percent. This is a pretty decent figure considering the OS is only available for developers, with the stable version to roll out in the coming weeks for existing devices.

As far as the devices are concerned, Lumia 520 is still on top, but there is a slight decrease in its market share -- from 34.3 to 33.7 percent. The remaining top spots are captured by the Lumia 625 and 920 with almost the same market share as the previous month.

"Another month and no growth for Lumia 520 again. Its share actually shrank by 0.6% in May. We have a new worldwide #2 this month too. Lumia 625 was touted as the next Nokia’s volume seller when it was released and, even though it’s still just a fraction of 520s usage, it still is the second most used Windows Phone worldwide," says AdDuplex.

Another interesting view the report presents is the market share of the high-end Windows Phone devices versus the low-end ones. More than half of the devices are running on low-end hardware with 53 percent, while the high-end devices such as the Lumia Icon, are just 12.2 percent devices. 

Nokia, whose services and devices division is now a part of Microsoft, is still the top manufacturer. This year, its market share could drop since we've heard several rumors that other OEMs, including Samsung and HTC, may introduce Windows Phone handsets later this year. 

Despite the fall of Lumia 520 market share, the low-end WP devices are still the top contenders in the US. Lumia 521 and 520 are still the leading WP devices in the US, followed by Lumia 920, 822 and HTC 8X.

This month's report presented a look at how Windows Phone, as a operating system, is performing, especially Windows Phone 8.1. Now that Microsoft has released the entry-level Lumia 630 and 635 in the market, with Lumia 930 to follow, we may see an increase in Windows Phone 8.1 share in the coming weeks. We're hoping Microsoft will roll out the update for existing devices as soon as possible. You can check out the complete AdDuplex report through the link below.

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