Windows Phone 8.1 Lockscreen app arriving soon as a beta

Windows Phone 8.1

One of the most interesting features introduced with the Windows Phone 8.1 OS — other than Cortana — is the ability to customize your Lockscreen. Joe Belfiore mentioned today that the company will release an app which will give users the ability to select customizable lockscreens. The executive recently provided an update on the progress, and said the beta will launch very soon, maybe in a week.

The app will work come with support for devices with 1GB of RAM at least. He further said they have added a new feature, but we don’t know what it is just yet. As for the 1GB RAM requirement, there should be 1GB of RAM to make sure the lockscreen apps can provide a fluent experience, with no lag or delay when unlocking the device.

Well, the app has taken a long time to arrive thus far, and we’re hoping it will be worth the wait. It will give users the ability to customize their device even further. Stay tuned to WinBeta, we’ll update you as soon as the app is available in the Windows Phone Store.

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