Windows Phone 8.1 to include IE password manager, speed dial and more

There’s been a load of leaks in the recent days after Microsoft decided to hand out the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK to selected developers, even though they had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Windows Phone 8.1 is Microsoft’s largest update to the Windows Phone platform yet, and so far we’ve only had a little taste as to what’s to come!

If you’re wondering what a non-disclosure agreement, which is also known as an NDA is, it basically prohibits developers with the SDK of Windows Phone 8.1 to leak or release the confidential information that was provided by Microsoft. 

But for today’s news, new pictures have been uploaded that showcase the coming features in the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK. This comes from the Facebook page “Windows Phone Lovers”.

First up, Internet Explorer will finally get a password manager. This feature has been asked for on the Windows Phone suggestion board, where people post ideas for future Windows Phone updates and have other user vote it up or down. Although there’s so many requested features, it’s nice to see that Microsoft is actually including some of the requested ones in this update.

Next, we finally have the option to view full emails offline. If you see in the picture below, the option to “Always download full message and Internet images” can be enabled or disabled. Now, people might not find this very beneficial, especially if they’re on a data plan, but this is probably very good for those coupon keepers, where if they forgot to check their email, they can always take a look later in the day with no connection.

Third, Windows Phone will finally get speed dial. This feature is very beneficial to those with contacts scattered around or who like to get in touch with people for business or personal related issues.

Fourth, a feature that has its benefits, is the ability to mute a contact. Having this feature allows the receiver to not get notifications for messages, which is nice to have, especially if the receiver is in a meeting or is dealing with an important issue.

Lastly, it appears when on the calendar app, at the top right of the box for the day indicator, there will be an icon depicting the weather that day. This is cool for those planning something outdoors on a summer day where there may be a chance of rain.

Microsoft is currently hard at work with Windows Phone 8.1, and are currently testing a number of different things which are set to be unveiled at the company’s annual BUILD developer conference. Windows Phone 8.1 is not set to hit consumer devices until May, however rumors have claimed that developers will gain access to the Windows Phone 8.1 update in April.

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