Windows Phone 8.1 is complete! (or at least very close to it)

Windows Phone 8.1 is complete! (or at least very nearly)

There have been various rumors flying around over the last couple of days that Microsoft may not have a completed version of Windows Phone 8.1 ready to hand to developers at Build next month. It’s not clear whether or not this is the case, but there is another rumor doing the rounds now — that Windows Phone 8.1 was finalized today.

The “confirmation” comes courtesy of Windows Phone Central who are reporting that “Windows Phone 8.1 has finalized today, at least for the Core team.” This is not the same as a fully completed RTM version, but — if true — it is very close.

We have reached out to Microsoft to find out if this actually the case, but as there has been no official announcement, it is unlikely that there will be any confirmation with be forthcoming… but we’re more than willing to be taken by surprise! Whatever Microsoft has to say, we’ll update this post accordingly.

With Windows Phone 8.1 due to feature heavily at Build next month, it would be strange if the mobile operating system wasn’t virtually complete at this stage. With a Nokia event planned for 2 April we should see a new batch of handsets in the very near future too… what are you looking forward to the most?

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