Windows Phone 8.1 comes with an action center to help you keep up with notifications

Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft unveiled their latest operating system dubbed as the Windows Phone 8.1 which brings an array of much-needed features to the operating system. The list includes Cortana, the personal assistant Microsoft has been working on from some time, as well as the action center. Coming over to the action center, it’s a place where you can find all your notifications from apps, as well as access to several connectivity settings.

This was one of the features which was missing from the Windows Phone OS. Previously, the Windows Phone device showed notifications on the main Start screen by showing a number of the live tiles. The new action center should make things pretty simple for Windows Phone users, and users may end up uninstalling third party applications need to toggle settings on/off. 

It’s one of the much needed features which should read all Windows Phone devices. Microsoft already announced that all devices will be upgraded to the latest OS at some point in time, so we’re hoping it will not take too much time.

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