Windows Phone 8 update Apollo Plus to bring bug fixes and new features

Remember when Microsoft stated that they “ran out of time” when developing Windows Phone 8? Well, now a new report is indicating that Microsoft will be releasing a new update to Windows Phone 8 (codenamed Apollo), called Apollo Plus. This wont be a major update to the Windows Phone platform, but will be a minor update that adds bug fixes and a few new features to make the platform complete.

According to the report, Microsoft will be adding VPN support to Windows Phone 8, via this new update. This will allow corporate users to connect to work systems. There will also be a WiFi connection fix as well as audio enhancements. Could Microsoft be revealing additional features that didn’t make it to Windows Phone 8 in time? Apollo Plus will be the first Windows Phone 8 update to be delivered over the air, rather than requiring users to plug their Windows Phone into a PC to receive updates. Microsoft is planning on officially revealing Apollo Plus during the Mobile World Congress in February of 2013.

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