Windows Phone 8 surpasses iPhone in Romania, market share now over 10%

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Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone is slowly gaining popularity in Europe, according to Kantar Worldpanel's report from January of this year, suggesting that the market share of Microsoft's operating system rose to over 10 percent in Europe, including Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. It seems these are not the only regions where the sales are surging, as Romanian newspaper mentions Windows Phone has managed to grab a market share of over 10 percent in the country, surpassing iPhone in the nation.

As far as the data is concerned, it's collected from the market research firm GfK, and is also confirmed by Microsoft and Vodafone in the country. Vodafone's Bogdan Lerescu says, "sales of Windows smartphones were in 2013 four times higher than in 2012." As for Vodafone, it's one of the largest carriers in the country.

There's no doubt about the top spot, which is currently held by Android in Romania, but claiming the second spot should come as a good news for the folks over at Redmond. 

The number might increase with the launch of the Windows Phone 8.1 update, which brings some much needed features to the operating system. The new mobile OS is expected to launch at the Build 2014 conference next month, and we've seen references to the OS in the Windows Phone Store as well. What do you think about the future of Windows Phone? Can it go against Android and iOS in other major markets, especially after the launch of Windows Phone 8.1?

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