Windows Phone 8 to support USB mass storage and native screen capture? (rumor)


New reports suggest that Windows Phone 8 will have two new and exciting features added to the Windows Phone platform, which are already present on other mobile platforms. These two features are USB mass storage mode and native screen capture functionality.

According to new reports, Windows Phone 8 may support USB mass storage mode for simple file management. Since we already know that Windows Phone 8 will support removable microSD storage, it makes sense to see USB mass storage mode support so mounting to PCs can be easily accomplished. Windows Phone 8 is also rumored to support native screen capture functionality, which most newer Android devices already have. Apparently, in WP8, Microsoft might be adding screen capture functionality via the Windows key and camera button, which when pressed, saves the capture into the Photos hub. Of course, treat this as a rumor until Microsoft officially confirms it.