Windows Phone 8 Marketplace to come with new money-making features and more


In an official blog post, Microsoft details the new Windows Phone 8 Marketplace, which comes with new money-making features built on a next generation platform, as well as faster certification and publishing times for apps.

“Windows Phone 8 brings in-app purchase capability, providing an important new way to profit from your apps. In addition to what you earn from advertising or app sales, you can also now sell virtual goods and services within the app,” Microsoft explains. “In-app purchasing not only provides a supplemental revenue stream but helps extend the shelf life of the app—because you can keep adding new items to keep your customers interested.”

The new Marketplace and App Hub will also be robust and scalable thanks to a new platform built from the ground up. This means faster certification times, faster publishing times, better reporting options, and more.

Apps can also be seen and downloaded in over 180 countries once the new Marketplace is launched (head over to the source link below for a full list of countries). The Marketplace has also reached the 100,000 app milestone mark, thanks to consumers.