Windows Phone 8 Insider app released, gives you access to cool wallpapers and ringtones

Microsoft is on a roll with new apps updated just for Windows Phone 8. Microosft has announced the availability of the updated Insider app for Windows Phone 8, which allows users to snag cool wallpapers and ringtones each month. This app is also a great way to stay up to date with latest Windows Phone Blog postings from Microsoft.

So what’s new with the Insider app? Users can see the latest posts from the official Windows Phone Blog as well as the ability to record your own ringtone. “Now you can record your favorite sound and easily set it as your ringtone. Your child’s laugh. Your wife’s, “Good morning, honey!” Your husband’s, “I love you—let me wash the dishes.” Or even your dog’s bark or cat’s meow,” as Microsoft puts it. Users can also use fan wallpapers, taken by Windows Phone fans and posted by Microsoft. The app also features a ringtone archive, live tile support, Bing wallpapers, tips and tricks, and featured apps and games for Windows Phone. Hit the download link below to grab this app.

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