Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update begins showing up on Nokia Care Suite

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Nokia Care Suite GDR2

For those Nokia Lumia users who are eagerly waiting for GDR2 to hit your device, your wait may becoming to an end pretty soon. GDR2 for a range of Lumia devices including the 620 and 820 has appeared on the Nokia Care Suite and is available for download as we speak. Nokia Care Suite is a program used by Nokia support which can determine and possibly fix broken devices. There’s a bit of trickery required to get the program working fully.

Either way, we are checking out the update on our Lumia 820 and will report back when the upgrade is complete. For the Lumia 820, the firmware version reads 3047.0000.1328.3002, this number differs for each Lumia device.

As the update is now showing up on Nokia Care Suite, it shouldn’t be long before the update is pushed out as an OTA update, allowing everyone to gain access to the latest of Windows Phone. GDR2 for Lumia devices also contains a number of additional features with Amber, such as Glance screen and flip to silence.

Update: Check out our hands on here!

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