Windows Phone 8 gaming experience to be developer-friendly, comes with new Games Hub design

In a new Windows Phone Blog post, Microsoft shows off the new gaming experience in Windows Phone 8. Microsoft has re-designed the Games Hub, allowed for integration with Xbox SmartGlass via an app, and made some developer-friendly enhancements to the operating system. Microsoft believes Windows Phone 8 is the ideal choice for gamers.

“The Games team has worked hard and collaborated across Windows Phone and Microsoft to bring you the very best mobile gaming experience. Between our cleaner new Hub design, Xbox SmartGlass, and developer-friendly under-the-hood changes, we believe Windows Phone is now more than ever the phone of choice for gamers,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. Microsoft has re-designed the Games Hub to feature the Xbox pane, which used to be called Xbox LIVE. This is where gamers can see their avatar, Gamerscore, subscription level, achievements, and avatar closet. The Xbox pane takes up two full screens and there are even tiles for Xbox SmartGlass, Friends, and Games Store, with more tiles appearing at any time. Microsoft has also changed the name of the Requests pane to Notifications and will only display when you have notifications and only showcase Xbox messages, friend/game requests, beacons, and game notices. There is also integration with the Xbox SmartGlass app. “Try searching for a game on your phone, then simply tap in the SmartGlass app to play it on the Xbox. Same goes for music and video – you can play, pause, skip, and adjust the volume on stuff coming from your Xbox directly from your Windows Phone,” Microsoft stated in the official blog post. Best of all, Microosft has made it so developers can code apps and games for Windows Phone 8, while coding simultaneously for other platforms, requiring less cross-platform changes.

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