Windows Phone 8 to come with Rooms and photo sync feature

During the Windows Phone 8 launch event on October 29th, Microsoft announced some sweet new features for Windows Phone 8. Of the new features, Microsoft announced the new Rooms feature as well as

Windows Phone 8 will come with a new Rooms feature, which lets you create groups in the People app. It’s a pretty cool way to share photos, notes, and calendar with people who matter to you. With Rooms, you can invite anyone using any phone into a Room. On top of that, Windows Phone 8 will use SkyDrive to move music, photos, and files from your PC, to your phone, to your Xbox. The Windows Phone 8 also allows you to sync your photos to your PC. “When you’re on your PC, your phone photos are automatically available in their full resolution right there on your PC,” Microsoft stated during the keynote.

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